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Hiring Process Involves Numerous Risks. Background checks are the answer to your need for more Reliability


Solar Age Security specializes in background checks adapted to the EU aviation regulatory requirements, as distributed in 2019 (COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2019/103)


Every airline wants trustworthy and qualified employees, and because it's regulatory required. Solar Age Security performs the checks quickly and according to the strictest professional standards.


Contact us, and we will be happy to demonstrate to you how our online background check process will allow you to recruit your essential workers quickly while meeting all regulation demands. 

Identity Check

Identity verification check is designed to ensure that a candidate or employee's identity is real. Among others, verification may include registries, national and international databases. 

Reference Check 

This check is designed to confirm candidates' employment and education history. 

Criminal Record Checks

Checking the criminal record history is a major step in assessing the risk of hiring a new employee. This minimizes the Insider Threat, a case in which an employee ("insider") maliciously uses his clearance, job title or business knowledge to hurt the organization's data and security. 

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