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Solar Age Security offers advanced and comprehensive background checks and pre-employment screening services designed and tailored specifically for the legal requirements of the civil aviation sector, with extensive abilities for data validation before hiring. Working with leading airlines in Europe, we gained vast experience in the realm of background, security, and reference checks. 

Our process with the customers and candidates we review is transparent, fast, and advanced and uses innovative information systems that enable at any given moment to track the status of the checks to both the inviter and the subject himself.

We understand that in the aviation world today human resource is a critical factor and therefore our mission is to enable an efficient, secure, and respectful check process. We provide the best solutions for our customers. With us, companies and organizations can make informed and more accurate hiring decisions, while maintaining privacy and complying with international standards. 

Why Background Checks?


The purpose of the background checks is to enable the hiring company to make a prudent and broad decision regarding the candidate, especially when it comes to sensitive positions such as those in the world of civil aviation and to meet regulatory demands. The check must be conducted in a way that does not discriminate against candidates and in the same manner for all candidates while they are aware of the objectives of the process, its stages, and its consequences.

Meeting regulatory

The European Union has explicitly defined that background checks are a mandatory condition for anyone who is supposed to operate in sterile areas of the airport. These requirements were redefined broadly in 2019 (after previous regulations were published in 2015) and included the following components (for the full EU document):

EU's regulation - key issues:


Who needs the check:

A crew identification card of a crew member employed by an air carrier and an airport identification card may only be issued to a person who has an operational need and has successfully completed a background check.


Check includes:

The background check should include three key areas (article 11.1 “RECRUITMENT”):

  1. Establish the person's identity based on documentary evidence;

  2. Cover criminal records in all states of residence during at least the preceding five years.

  3. Cover employment, education, and any gaps during at least the preceding five years.


Checks Timing:

A background check shall be completed before the candidate undergoes initial security training involving access to information that is not publicly available.


Check's period:

Crew and airport identification cards shall be issued for a period not exceeding five years.


Enhanced checks:

Candidates who are supposed to perform positions that include access to sensitive areas should also complete a review by the national authorities, which are supposed to examine whether they have additional information about the candidate relevant to this check.


Failed checks:

Background checks shall be considered as failed if not all the elements specified in points are completed satisfactorily or if at any point in time these elements do not provide the necessary level of assurance as to the reliability of the individual.

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