Threat Analysis,Risk Assessment and Management for Businesses & Critical Infrastructure Sectors

Business Threats

We provide information regarding business threats as posed by competitors, their actions, future strategies, etc. We gather important data to turn your business into a gold mine by delivering the most valuable information needed for you to make informed decisions and to leverage your competitive edge over your competitors.


Security Threats
This type of threats is posed by criminal or terrorist entities that could potentially harm businesses, organizations, countries, and critical infrastructure such as airports, ports, chemicals and more. We gather and analyze information of these potential threats and accordingly assess their level of vulnerability. Our experienced team uses Intelligence Driven Security method, by which events and threats are constantly monitored. Then, we apply legal open-source intelligence methods to assess and alert of security threats.

We notify our clients of potential threats in advance, providing them with the relevant facts to make sure they stay on top of things.


Solar Age utilizes cutting-edge analytical skills and advanced methods of data collection, in order to present our clients with detailed periodic reports, ad-hoc reports or real-time alerts when necessary. Our reports consist of the following:

  • Monitoring current and future threats on the target country or area, such as terrorism, crime, political instability and civil unrest.

  • Monitoring events in the project's/organization's vicinity.

  • Threat analysis as reflected by the assessment of the capacities and intentions of hostile parties operating in the relevant region.

  • Analysis of the risk level of the relevant region or facility.

  • Key recommendations for managing the risks analyzed before, and for countering them